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What is CloudBank?

CloudBank is a full digital banking product that carries out both banking and financial services around the world.

It was granted its licence to fully operate by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in January 2020. Cloud Bank Africa formerly operated as Latrose Finance, an Investment and Financial Service institution with over 28 years of operating in the African economy aimed at mitigating risk of investor funds activities in the African economy.

Cloud bank partners with Providus bank (a full regional commercial bank; regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria and protected by the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation); licensed in 2016 to deliver financial services and provide small and medium scale businesses with funds.  Cloud Bank has a financially inclusive digital banking system with a wide coverage in the African financial market.

How do I open a CloudBank account?

You can open a CloudBank account by visiting app.cloudbank.ng and clicking the 'Sign up' button. You'll be done in less than five minutes!

How do I get money into my CloudBank account?

When you open your CloudBank account, you get an instant account number, visible on your dashboard. You fund your account by simply transferring money into it using your account number!

To transfer money into your CloudBank account

  • Copy the account number,
  • Ensure that you select "Providus Bank" from the list of banks when transferring.
  • Money is credited into your account instantly!
How do I withdraw money from my CloudBank account?

To withdraw money from your CloudBank account you have the following options:

  • Transfer out of the account: you can transfer to any Nigerian bank account.
  • Agency banking: use any of our agents to withdraw cash (There's always one in our office).
  • Debit card: make withdrawals using your CloudBank debit card (coming soon).
Is my money safe in CloudBank?

Your funds is fully protected by NDIC; an insurer of Providus Bank Plc.

What fees do you charge?

Giving you one of the best bank experiences requires a maintenance cost.

For personal accounts; we charge 100 Naira and business accounts; it is 250 Naira.

Transfer fees are normal transfer bank charges and withdrawals fees.

Stamp duties of 50 Naira; apply on deposits on N10,000 and above.

Cash withdrawal in our office requires a withdrawal charge per “000” on Naira and 1% flat on foreign currencies.

Do I need to be a Nigerian resident to have a CloudBank account?

No, you can open your CloudBank account with a valid international passport; and resident permit [For foreigners] / Visa.

How old do I have to be to open a CloudBank account?

Our standard bank account has a minimum  age limit of Eighteen (18); however we do have designated accounts for minors.

I am having issues. How do I contact you?

You can reach us through these channels:

We are always a message away!

Can I invest my money?

Of course!

We have several investment plans available for you to choose from right inside your CloudBank dashboard. Each plan has different rates (rates are per annum), and different durations.

Setting up investments is fast and easy, from right within your CloudBank account. Sign up today!

CloudBank is a wallet service system designed for lending, POS terminal services, trading and card services; powered by Providus Bank Plc. Reconciliation of financial activities and settlement in Providus Bank.

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