Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Minimum Account Opening Amount?

Accounts can be opened with any amount or with a Zero balance as there is no minimum account opening amount requirement for Cloud bank Users.

How long does it take to open a Cloud bank account?

Accounts are opened within 10 minutes and verified within hours upon submission of complete documentation.

How does a new user complete their KYC?

New Cloud bank users can complete and update their KYC by uploading appropriate documents either via mobile or web app.

How much does Cloud bank charge for transfers?

Cloud users enjoy zero transfer charges all year round to all banks

How do I fund my Cloud bank account?

You can fund your Cloud bank account by selecting Providus Bank as the destination bank and imputing your cloud bank account number.

What are the returns on Cloud savings wallets?

Cloud bank users get up to 8% interest annually on their basic savings wallets.

How do I request an account statement?

You can request an account statement by using the web app, on the transactions tab and selecting request account statement

Are there USSD codes for airtime or investment top-up?

We presently do not operate using any USSD platforms at the moment.

What's the highest I can deposit into my Cloud bank account?

There are no limits on deposits into Cloud Savings or Business Accounts.

What's the maximum daily withdrawal limit?

There are presently no limits on daily withdrawals.

Can I have more than one Cloud bank account within the same profile?

Cloud bank users can have both Savings and Business accounts using the same profile. Business accounts require users to upload CAC documents.

How do I invest with Cloud bank?

Investments can be done either on mobile or web apps and include multiple rewarding plans for different investment periods.

Can my investment be terminated before maturity?

Yes, investment can be terminated before maturity; however, a portion of accrued interest will be forfeited.

How can I liquidate my Fixed investments/Bonds?

A mail in advance to the Cloud bank treasury department and a duly signed letter of authority instructing the treasury to liquidate said investment will suffice.

Is It Possible To Open a Cloud bank Account In The Country And Operate it While Out Of The Country?

Yes. The account can be operated through any of our card products or internet banking solutions

How do I get a Cloud bank Debit Card?

You can request a Cloud bank debit card via the mobile or web app and it will be delivered at your convenience.

Where can I use my cloud bank cards?

You can use your Cloud bank Debit card to pay for goods and services at millions of establishments worldwide. Your card will be accepted at any establishment that displays the MasterCard logo.

Can I Use My Cloud bank debit Card To Shop On The Internet?

You can use your Cloud Bank credit card to make online payments or to shop on the internet.

How often do you have downtime?

Not very often and in the case that it occurs, downtimes are resolved within hours.

What is the staff strength of CloudBank ?

Cloud Bank have a staff strength of over 30 personnel